Top 5 Pieces of Advice on Mining

Mining is the only way to get crypto money. Its essence lies in the fact that a computer or computer network produces mathematical calculations. The result of the calculations is the finding of new blocks of the chain of the cryptocurrency network (blockchain). For each block found it is paid a reward in the form of coins.

If you are a novice user in the cryptocurrency field but you want to start producing bitcoins and earn money on this, you need to study the current realities of this issue. The complexity of the calculations does not allow talking about adequate profitability when working with low-performance equipment, for example, a home PC. In that way, you need to understand the basic notions of mining.

Today, there are created stationary or cloud bitcoins stations, in which dozens or even hundreds of video cards are used simultaneously. However, this will not prevent you from starting the extraction of coins on your PC. You should prepare for the fact that earnings will be very small, but with constant mining, it can amount to several hundred dollars a year (subject to the active growth of the bitcoin exchange rate).

If you are one of those who have heard a lot about the mining of cryptocurrency but did not dare to create your own mining system, first you need to decide how you will work and what currency will be the main one. We recommend that you do the following in this order:

  • Select one of the cryptocurrencies
  • Open the wallet for the relevant currency
  • Choose which service will be used for mining
  • ¬†Download and install the application
  • Start mining and earn bitcoins.

It should be remembered that without good hardware characteristics of the processor and video card, mining will be impossible or the number of coins will be minimal.

Services that provide users with the ability to mine only with the help of one computer, at the software level, connect to the network power in the pool – a group of devices. This integration is necessary so that at the stage of mathematical calculations you do not compete with powerful stationary or cloud farms. It gives you a possibility to earn bitcoins even on your ordinary stationary PC.

If you do not understand much about the principle of coin mining and do not want to deal with a lot of concepts, work with automatic miners that you can simply start running in the background. Then the program will do everything for you. The only thing, you need to create your cryptocurrency-purse in advance and specify its address in the application.